Each employee is expected to make the conditions safe for each and every customer.  Please come to work dressed warm so the when the time comes to go outside you will be secured properly.

The following are the standards of practice for snow:

  • When it begins to snow the entrances and walkways are to be made clear continuously
  • Once the snow stops the attendant must begin to clear the snow.  If the snow has accumulated to 2 inches or more the plow will be sent to the store ( in most cases).
  • Accumulation of 2 inches or more will still require the attendant to keep the walkways and entrances clear of snow and ice
  • You may apply small amounts of ice melt (salt) to those areas that have been cleared. Please remember that the ice melt creates water and that that same water will freeze as the temperature stays or drops below freezing.
  • The entrances to the store and isle ways should be mopped continuously and kept dry.
  • You may have to discontinue drop-offs or slow your productivity during this time to insure that your store is clean
  • Put out cones in places that extra caution should be exercised by customers.
  • The night attendant should not leave until the parking lot is clear if the snow begins on your shift
  • The day attendant should stay, if necessary and approved, to assist in the clean up and maintenance of the store and outside.

Failure to do this is a serious infraction!

All concerns and questions are to be immediately addressed with me at 646 225 1955  ( DONT TEXT WITH THE ISSUE IN THE STORM… CALL ME)