CoronaVirus 2020

Code Name COVID-19

We all have been spending our time lately glued to the TV and radio for more about that pandemic. I know it can look very frightening and create nervous tension for you, our employee, and our valued customers.

I want to take this moment to assure that you and our customers are very important to us! We are taking every precaution to insure everyones safety. I want to bring out some added steps that will aide in your safety while working:

  • Please wash your hands often ( for at least 20 seconds each wash)
  • Wear gloves ( use them sparingly, there is a shortage of gloves everywhere)
  • Spend more time cleaning the store and surfaces
  • Wipe door handles on Washers and Dryers and entrances
  • Suggest that customers use HOT water in all washes
  • Suggest that customers use extra wash and rinse to aide in the prevention of cross contamination and a more through wash.
  • Keep your hands away from face while working.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.

Please note— that you can use very small amount of bleach and water as a make shift disinfectant.

A station for sanitation will be set up in each store, shortly, to aide in your safety.

Water is on its way to your store

If you are sick, please contact us immediately!