Issues @ Laundry


  • Please call Thaddeus when there are issues at Liberty or Jamaica.  If he does not answer, leave a message.

(If you cant reach either of the two listed above, then you can call Marc. Only after you have tried the above first)

    • Night staff. Use this Clorox on the soap compartments.. let it soak and then clean as you normally do.  The compartments have not been cleaned as well as the need to be.. So lets dig in on them a little more…
    • Night staff:  I have reviewed your store and have given you special project to bring you store up to better standards.  i expect them to be completed the by the next time i do an early morning inspection.  Boston Road:  I will be coming to you soon to start these weekly inspections.
    • All staff:  the Windex is for you to keep the counters and door glasses on the dryers clean and free of fingerprints.  This is a daily duty!
    • All Staff:  Folding tables are to be wiped off continuously

  • All Staff:   Please
  • monitor the parking lot for illegal parking and hazards at all times.  Many people are using our lots and are not using our facility
  • All Staff:  If a person is not using our facility; THEY CAN NOT USE THE BATHROOM

Bill Breaker

  • The bill breakers are getting hit by people making change for their store or personal use. Emptying out the machine! It is everyone responsibility to watch these bill breakers for people getting change that is not for use in the store.  If a person stays at the machine for more than 10 seconds they are more than likely getting change for use NOT in the store.  It is your duty as the attendant and responsible authority in the store to stop this!  Do not allow the making of change if it is not for use in the store.    This is telling me several things when I see this happening:  (1) the attendant is not paying attention to their store (2) The attendant does not care if the person gets change.


  • Please dont let me see you with them on! Customers need your attention in the store!  I need your attention…

Closing Orders

  • If the customer has left the store with their bag (drop off), it is to be closed out.  I see numerous orders still open and the bag is not in the store. If you dont understand… Please see me!

Coming In Late

  • You are expected at your scheduled time.  Please dont arrive late.  The attendant you are relieving has done their required shift and may be ready to leave.  In the event you arrive late; you are not permitted to make up your time.  You are allowed to work extra hard and get all your work completed by the end of your scheduled time.

Cleaning Dryers

  • Please wipe the glass in the dryers down in every shift. Wipe the glass down inside and out.  I see fingerprints on them all the time and some of the same prints for days…

Parking Lot and Sidewalks

  • It is the attendants duty to make sure the parking lot and sidewalks are clean and clear.  If the attendant before you didnt do it and you took the shift over; it is now your responsibility.  Check your store and speak with the former attendant to insure that they have done their job and left you with a clean and clear store, sidewalk and parking lot.
  • Please complete the out of service signs for the machines accurately and legibly.   I am finding that signs are being placed on machines but the descriptions are not correct or legible.  Also complete an online out of order request.  The Ipads are to be used for this. Keep the ipad charged..

  • No more arriving to your shift late!  Consequences will follow!
  • If someone is covering your shift both parties are to notify Thaddeus of the change.  Consequences will follow if I don’t get a text!
  • You are to clock in when you shift begins!  If you desire to clock in early or leave later,  you need approval.
  • If something is broken; you need to report it.
  • You may want to to review the above issue to refresh your memory.

  • Everyone must clean the glass on the dryer doors inside and out.  This must be done on each day shift.  (6 – 2 and 2 – 10).  If i dont see this being done, expect to loose a day until you have no more days to loose.  I am sick of coming in the store and seeing that the dryers are full of fingerprints.
  • With this practice being abused and very hard to gain control of, as of today, if you want to borrow you must borrow your money from either me or Marc. You know how to reach us! If you work at Boston Road; you must see Marc.  If you work at Liberty or Jamaica; you must see Thaddeus.  NO MORE BORROWING FROM THE ENVELOPES.
  • Complete the Machine Repair signs accurately.
  • In observance of our Holiday, payday this week for Liberty and Boston Road will be on Thursday.  You will be paid for 8 days instead of 7. So next week you will be paid for 6 days.
  • Please concentrate and keep a clean store.
  • Please let your customers know you appreciate them and do everything possible to make their experience at your store exceptional.  Soon I will be rolling out a reward program for associates that get do exceptionally.
  • When discarding trash, please dispose of it properly.  Put it behind the container! The boxes are to be broken down properly! We will pay no more tickets
  • The parking lot!  I have said it before… KEEP IT CLEAN

Air Conditioning and Heat Controls

Some of us seem to be expressing difficulty as to when the AC is on and off.   Below are illustrations that show when the unit is off and when the unit is on.  You must get the approval of Thaddeus, Marc or Sharon to change the settings of the thermostat. You Must!  Same applies for the heat too.

Boston Road


ON (notice the temp on the screen)



ON (notice the 2 sets of numbers: the smaller is the desired temperature and the larger is the actual temperature)



ON (notice the 2 sets of numbers; the one on the right is the desired temperature and the one on the left is the actual temperature)

Some issues have been addressed before… I will not be addressing them again. I will understand that you are in deliberate non compliance!

Type your name and submit to acknowledge your understanding of the ENTIRE note…